How to Embrace the Fear and Move Forward

In this webinar, discover different strategies to help to embrace fear and move through it.


Many start-ups and businesses alike find they’ll get to a point when fear and stress can stop them in their tracks. In this webinar we will discover different strategies to help us to embrace fear and move through it. We will look at planning and how to plan to ensure all of the four key elements (Environment - Structure - Implementation – People) are covered. Failure to plan is planning to fail.

About the presenter:

Steve Barker founder of I am Enough Coaching, is a Royal Air Force veteran from the UK. For 26 years Steve served his country. Moving to Australia in 2013, he brings with him his worldly experience and knowledge from serving and living globally for the best part of his adult life.

Known for being a people’s person, a leader and a behavioural expert, Steve uses over 15 years of leadership, training and mentoring experience to life by sharing his insights, lessons and wisdom with others.

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