How to make money out of battery storage

Battery storage is the hot-spot in the Australian renewable energy transition right now, but it has barely touched the sides when looking at its potential.

April battery storage renew

The so-called “Swiss Army Knives” of the renewable energy transition have learned how to make returns in some key parts of the grid, but much of their potential - long duration storage and specific services - remains difficult because either the market does not exist, or because of the lack of funding and support.

In this webinar, we talk to some of the country’s best battery brains and innovative thinkers on how the market for battery storage can and should evolve, tapping into their experiences and their vision of a zero emission grid. Does size matter? What can they do? What services should be encouraged? What markets should be created? What support should be provided? Where are costs headed?

The panel in this free-to-attend webinar will be hosted by RenewEconomy Editor Giles Parkinson, and will include Akaysha Energy’s Paul Curnow, Eku Energy’s Daniel Burrows, and Climate Energy Finance’s Tim Buckley.

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