How to safeguard your business from cyber attacks

This not-to-miss session explores how to protect yourself, your business and your clients by empowering your best line of defence – the human firewall.

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Technology alone cannot prevent cyber attacks. It is critical for employees to help minimise risks too. An expert panel featuring Cyber Aware and Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors (ABLA) will share their diverse stories and break down a real-life cyber attack. Discussions include the importance of employee engagement via awareness training and steps you can take before and after a cyber breach to ensure legal compliance and minimise risk to your business.

During this interactive session explore:

  • what is cyber crime and why should small businesses care about it?
  • how are small businesses targeted?
  • how are hackers changing their strategies to trick more employees?
  • what should businesses do after an attack?
  • practical steps you can take to build a human firewall, ensure legal compliance, minimise regulator scrutiny and protect your business.

Join Business Australia live for the opportunity to ask their panel your questions for real-time feedback.

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