How will the new government deliver a smart energy future?

The Warren Centre presents their 2019 Energy Forum

Energy systems are transforming around the world as the capital costs of zero emissions technologies continue to fall, as governments plan how to meet international commitments and as consumers actively choose sustainable power supplies.

In NSW and across Australia, there is increasing adoption of distributed power generation through rooftop solar photovoltaics. Installed wind power exceeded 5GW in 2018 with nearly 20GW additional capacity proposed, and utility-scale solar broke 1GW generated in October 2018. New 5G wifi technologies combined with IoT sensors, switches and transmitters in everyday appliances allow highly discrete household interaction and control over power use and at home power generation including battery storage.

‘Smart City’ ideas are being embedded in new public infrastructure, smartphone users are empowered by TfNSW-enabled data to apps such as TripGo, and public policy is increasingly acknowledging and encouraging consumer engagement with tech-connected infrastructure.

This forum will explore how the new Commonwealth Government and the newly re-elected NSW Government might take advantage of new technologies to deliver a smarter energy future.


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