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With guest speaker Marty Adnum, Managing Director from Out of the Square


Guest Speaker: Marty Adnum, Managing Director & Founder from Out of the Square

Topic: Brand - Head & Heart: Exploring the roles of each to benefit your business

Marty is a great believer in “what your heart knows today, your head will understand tomorrow”. He will discuss and offer some practical tips to help refine and protect your brand, but will also delve into the less tangible area of “feel”, and how emotions should play an integral part in your marketing. With every business making “noise” and seeking attention, he’ll offer thoughts on differentiating yourself from your competitors and how you can genuinely help others along the way.

Ideas to be discussed include:

  • Gain insights into some “out of the square” thinking.
  • Review brand practices to help your business
  • Explore valuable, yet less measurable aspects of your brand
  • How to use your powers for good and not evil - karma is cool

Includes: Gourmet breakfast

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