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Guest Speaker: The Hon. Damien Tudehope MLC, Minister for Finance and Small Business

Small business owners wear many different hats – they are marketing experts, but also managers; they organise payroll, as well as develop their products; they run sales, and are supply-chain specialists.

Having been in small business for the better part of a lifetime myself, I know that starting and running your own small business is no small thing, and while it is a very hardworking industry to be in, it is also very rewarding.

I am proud to work as part of a government that is making New South Wales the best place to do business.

Behind every small business is a family.

Behind every small business are its employees.

And behind every small business is a community that is dependent on their services.

A win for small business means a win for families, a win for workers, and a win for local communities.

Our record $93 billion infrastructure program over four years means more local schools, hospitals, transport infrastructure, and also more opportunities for small businesses to grow and thrive off the back of this significant investment.

We have also delivered a suite of policies that reduce barriers, costs, complexity, and ultimately makes it easier for small businesses to grow and prosper:

  • Raising the payroll tax threshold to $1 million, giving $881 million back to small businesses and ensuring that around 5,000 businesses will no longer pay this tax.
  • Introducing administrative reforms to make it easier for businesses like the ‘set-and-forget’ payroll tax reforms which means about 11,000 small businesses with a payroll tax liability under $20,000 will be able to pay their payroll tax annually by submitting a single annual return.
  • By December of this year, the NSW Government will pay preregistered businesses who contract with us for the provision of goods and services of up to $1 million in just 5 days thanks to our Faster Payments Terms policy;
  • Cutting red tape with the roll out of the Easy to Do Business Program, streamlining the process for small businesses to start and to grow; and
  • The highly successful Business Connect Program will soon have supported 24,000 small businesses since January 2017.

While there is always more work to do, small businesses across New South Wales can be assured that the NSW Government is committed to fostering an environment that will allow our businesses to grow and succeed.

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