Hydrogen Energy Webinar Series – Session 4: Hydrogen in a Circular Economy

The H2AUS: Online Forum Series aims to provide a platform to discuss the development and potential for a new industry in hydrogen, building on Australia’s geographical advantages, export capabilities and strong relationships with key local and international energy markets, as well as creating a platform to view and share best practice techniques from around the world.

August AIEN hydrogen circular

Session 4 (16 August): Hydrogen in a Circular Economy
Featured presentations:

  • Insights for circular economy opportunities in hydrogen production in Australia
    Dr Anthony Halog, University of Queensland
    With relevance to Australian interests, we aim to conduct a state-of-the-art review of technology developments where hydrogen production can contribute to enhance wastewater treatment, increase economic value of biomass (in the form value adding bioproducts) and reduce the cost of carbon capture, thus, contributing to a circular economy and bioeconomy.
  • The Social Licence for Mega Projects: A new era
    Clare Pope, PwC
    Western Australia is the home of a number of proposed world scale green hydrogen export projects – land hungry; and needing to meet new expectations of the social licence to operate.
  • A social licence is not a ‘given’
    Joan McGovern, 123V
    To succeed in our aim to decarbonise Australia, we must communicate par excellence. Listening, being open and honest about concerns that will be raised about water use, land use, jobs and implications at a local level will build trust. These are the essential prerequisites to gaining a social licence.
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