Identify your sustainable competitive advantage

This webinar will assist you to identify and succinctly articulate what sets your business apart from your competitors.

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You must also celebrate and communicate your strengths. It is critical that the “uniqueness” of your business is clearly understood by customers so that your communications and promotions can cut through the clutter.

This webinar is aimed at small businesses throughout NSW who have just started or have an established business and we have the capacity to host up to 50 people.

PRESENTER: Court Sayer-Roberts.

MODERATOR: Darryl Tonks.


1. Identify what is truly unique about your business

2. Identify your competitive advantage from a customer experience perspective

3. Identify how you will address both financial and environmental sustainability


1. Increase lead generation by clearly communicating your Unique Selling Points (USPs)

2. Increase conversions of leads to purchase decision by enhancing the customer experience

3. Ensure the viability of your business by implementing financial and environmental sustainability.

The presenters

Court Sayer-Roberts - Court is a qualified small business financial counsellor who has over 20 years management experience including 9 years at senior management level within the food manufacturing industry within New Zealand and Australia overseeing the production and launch of major food brands and products.

Court has experienced firsthand the challenges that rural businesses face, having been through drought periods himself with both SunRice and his own businesses in Leeton, which includes small business consulting, and owner/operator of a café and catering business. Court also codeveloped a federally funded small business support program for small businesses experiencing financial hardship.

Court works closely with small businesses in building and coaching high-performing teams and individuals to meet their goals, as well as help develop business relationships with their key stakeholders through changing environments. This means helping simplify business processes and understanding finances to make informed decisions.

This is an ENTERPRISE PLUS event.

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