Illawarra First Infrastructure Forum

The IBC is holding an exclusive Illawarra First Executive Forum with Romilly Madew AO, CEO of Infrastructure Australia.


Illawarra First research has found that without intervention, travel times from the Illawarra to Greater Sydney will steadily increase, with the economic cost estimated at $640 million per annum by 2031.

This Forum is an important discussion in planning for our region’s economic growth. Illawarra First will examine how infrastructure is prioritised at a national and state level, and how regions like the Illawarra feature in the planning of infrastructure networks.

Ms Madew is the Australian Government’s most senior adviser on infrastructure, and will speak about how infrastructure prioritisation occurs at a national level and share her insights into the federal government’s infrastructure planning and funding priorities.

The Forum will also feature a panel discussion at which Ms Madew will be joined by Ms Clare Gardiner-Barnes (Head of Strategy, Planning and Innovation at Infrastructure NSW) and Senior Professor Pascal Perez (Director, SMART Infrastructure Facility at University of Wollongong), who will share their insights and perspectives.

Illawarra First look forward to your participation in an interactive discussion on how our region should feature in the planning of infrastructure networks, and the opportunities and challenges presented by the Illawarra’s growing economy and population base


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