Implementing Practical ISO56000 Based Innovation in Your Business

Learn how to start implementing persistent innovation capabilities and culture within your business tomorrow.

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Strategies for Creating Business Resilience

This event is part of a series of Ai Group Business Improvement webinars to help you build resilience in your business. This event is for Australian businesses only. Registration is necessary to secure your FREE ticket.

Practical ISO56000 Based Innovation In Your Business

In today’s complex world and competitive markets, well developed innovation competencies are fundamental to the organisation’s ability to adapt and grow.

This webinar provides you and your team with an overview of ISO56000 Innovation Management System compliant innovation practices and the immediately actionable know-how to start implementing persistent innovation capabilities and culture within your business tomorrow!

Using case studies and videos, this workshop will give you a practical understanding of:

  • Organisational context to innovation: The 3 Horizons and 10 sources of innovation and how this impact on the cost of exploring new ideas vs the revenue from exploiting them.
  • Innovation leadership: How to set the direction, tone, importance, and culture of innovation and to provide the infrastructure and resources for successful implementation.
  • Return on Innovation Investment (ROII): How to design and implement appropriate management oversight processes providing a stage-gate process in line with the five innovation steps of ISO56000.
  • Efficient innovation processes: How to design systems, processes, work, and information flow that maximises the efficiency and effectiveness of value creation through innovation.
  • Customer centricity: How to incorporate the Voice of Customer in your operational processes to form insights, capture ideas, and develop detailed concepts and solutions.
  • Ingrained innovation culture: Ho to develop a workforce that engaged, structured, resourced and supported to deliver excellence in identifying, developing, and deploying innovative ideas.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for senior leaders, and staff engaged in innovation, product/service improvement, engineering or R&D activities and would like to align their existing or develop additional processes based on the ISO56000 Innovation Management System standards.

About the Presenter

Gabor Hernadi - Principal Consultant, Business Consulting, Australian Industry Group

Gabor specialises in working with established businesses who believe that there is always a better way and who understand that the ultimate objective of innovation is value creation. Building on these foundations, Gabor works collaboratively with you and your team to develop systematic innovation capabilities in your business based on the ISO56000 series of Innovation Management System standards.

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