Industrial Revolution 2.0

Join UNSW for the launch of the UNSW Institute for Industrial Decarbonisation.

Aug UNSW decarb

This networking event brings together industry and government innovators, and leading researchers and educators across technological, business, and policy disciplines.

Fossil resource use is structurally embedded in global industrial systems - in the products and services we use every day of our lives: in the millions of plastic items, the cement and steel in our homes and cities, in the fabric of water, waste, transport and energy infrastructure, in our smart devices, in the synthetic fertiliser used to feed a global population heading for eight billion.

Navigating the complexity of investment, clean technology integration and supply chain linkage demands new thinking and deep commitment from every sector and professional discipline.

Australia is in a unique position to demonstrate global leadership at this turning point for industry and society as the transition towards net zero gathers pace.


  • Host: Professor Julien Epps, Dean UNSW Engineering
  • Opening address: Professor Attila Brungs, Vice-Chancellor and President UNSW


  • Panel chair: David Eyre, CEO of the UNSW Institute for Industrial Decarbonisation
  • Romilly Madew AO FTSE HonFIEAust EngExec, CEO of Engineers Australia
  • Grant King, Chair, Climate Change Authority and Chair, Dean’s Advisory Committee UNSW Engineering
  • Scientia Professor Rose Amal, Co-director of the ARC Training Centre for the Global Hydrogen Economy, UNSW School of Chemical Engineering
  • Professor Richard Holden, Director of the Manos Innovation Lab in Education, UNSW Business School
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