Inland Growth Summit

RDA Orana is hosting the fifth Inland Growth Summit, in February 2022, which will have a focus on collaboration and working together.

RDA Orana

The Summit will examine why inland areas are in crisis, what can be done to resolve the problem and who is responsible for addressing the issue. The program will include keynotes, research and case study presentations; as well as session workshops.

The agenda will include 5 sessions, with speakers on each of the topics. The event will be online over one day only.

Rebound & Resilience

This session will be centring around the economic contribution of Inland Australia in the face of the COVID pandemic and its integral role in the rebound for the benefit of all Australians. It will also include rebound and resilience through natural disasters, fire, flood and drought, liveability, and planning for the future.

Workforce of the Future

Inland Australia is experiencing critical labour shortages and is in most cases the number one barrier to business expansion and growth across the industry. How do we work together to plan and secure long-term solutions for population growth and the concept of growing our own?

Infrastructure for Development

In this session we will ask the question, how do we invest in infrastructure for impact? What security and investment are required to build Inland Australia, our industries and communities require for a prosperous future and capitalise on opportunities?

Industry & Innovation

Inland Australia is the place of opportunity! In this session, we want to look at how we can continue to develop a resilient, diverse, and strong industrial base. Successful case studies on innovation within industry and harnessing opportunities will be spotlighted, so we can celebrate those who are leading the way.

Collaboration for Success

How do we work together to create a strong and united voice for Inland Australia? What does true collaboration mean in real life between government policy, infrastructure plans, and the great divide between our coastal counterparts? How can we truly collaborate to highlight and differentiate Inland Australia as the powerhouse it is? These are the questions to be explore in this session of the event.

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