Inspiring Inclusion: Empowering Women in Emerging Tech

Join Launch Pad Parramatta in celebrating women's leadership in tech and learn about the latest emerging technologies and trends

March IWD hydrogen

According to the Office of the Chief Scientist, women make up only 28% of the STEM (science, tech, engineering & mathematics) workforce. The numbers are even more decreased for women in the new and emerging tech industries.

This event is a unique opportunity to explore the convergence of emerging technology and inclusion, featuring thought-provoking panel discussions, valuable networking opportunities, and your chance to ask any burning questions. We will learn about the latest emerging technologies and feature exceptional women in STEM leadership. The topics discussed include generative AI, renewable energies and 3D bioprinted organs and hearing from a female founder, a researcher and a Google engineer. We will delve into these women's interesting backgrounds and careers, how they got to where they are now, and inspire others to enter STEM.

Come along to learn about the latest emerging technologies, network with industry leaders, learn about career pathways and opportunities, and join a supportive community empowering your professional and personal life.

Whether you're a professional in the tech industry, a current student or recent graduate, a supporter of women's empowerment, or someone passionate about the future of technology, this event is for you. Join us and be part of this transformative experience.

Event Details

  • 5:30-6pm: Doors open with food and drinks
  • 6-7pm: Panel + audience Q&A
  • 7-730pm: Networking

About the Speakers

Lucy Lin is the Entrepreneur in Residence for the Women & Multicultural Program at Western Sydney University, Launch Pad. She is also the host of the Emerging Tech Unpacked podcast that demystifies emerging technologies and features women in STEM leadership. A strategic marketing expert, Lucy has spent the past 20 years driving change and scaling growth for startups, universities, and corporations. A global citizen and female founder of Forestlyn, she has lived and worked in 5 countries (Australia, Japan, Canada, Taiwan & the UK) and champions diversity and inclusion in everything she does.

Nilram Azadpeyma is a Machine Learning & Data Analytics Customer Engineer at Google. She specialises in Generative AI using first-party or third-party models from design to considerations and implementation. She was previously at Cisco and UNSW in systems engineering and network analyst roles. Nilram holds a Bachelor's and Master of Engineering degrees and is currently the Google Cloud Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Lead for the Australia/New Zealand region.

Niina Matthews is a PhD candidate at the Gentile Lab, School of Biomedical Engineering at UTS. Niina investigates how to 3D bioprint cardiac patches using cardiac spheroids in alginate-gelatin hydrogels and with a patient-specific design for localised treatment of heart failure. A 3D printing and bioprinting geek who loves 3D design, making eye-catching graphics, and communicating scientific ideas with a dash of humour blended in. Niina is a mum, an Ally, and an eternal advocate for creativity and diversity.

Dr Louise Brown is the CEO and Founder of HydGene Renewables, a deep-tech synthetic biology startup. Prior to her role at HydGene, Louise held an academic position at Macquarie University. She has over two decades in bioengineering complex protein systems and has played a key role in establishing Synthetic Biology in Australia with a focus on chemical manufacturing. HydGene are leading the way in sustainable ‘green’ molecule production, with a focus on green hydrogen, offering a clean and eco-friendly alternative to traditional fossil fuel-based methods. HydGene’s groundbreaking bio-engineered catalyst technology efficiently transforms waste biomass sources into green hydrogen, delivered on-site and on-demand, contributing to the global transition towards net-zero economies.

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