Institute of Quarrying Slope Stability For Operators

The Slope Stability for Operators workshop has been designed to provide participants with foundational knowledge and geotechnical awareness skills to recognise and minimise the potential risk associated with slope instability and rock falls.

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Workshop Overview

The potential for rockfalls and slope failures makes working near quarry walls, stockpiles and dump faces a hazardous task. As quarries develop over time, they usually get deeper and the overall slope angle becomes steeper which can increase the risk of rockfalls. Stockpiles and waste dumps contain unconsolidated material which can be subject to collapse.

Geotechnical awareness and skills to recognise and manage potential rockfall and batter collapse hazards are necessary to achieve an acceptable level of risk.

Learning Objectives

  • A working understanding of the causes of instability in soils and rocks in quarries.
  • The ability to identify the different types of slope failure.
  • An increased awareness of inspections and risk controls in relation to excavations, overburden dumps, stockpiles and tailings dams.
  • Information on the roles and responsibilities of quarry workers for managing risks associated with geotechnical hazards.
  • Information on the requirements of Principal Hazard Ground Control Management Plans.

Who should attend

The course is particularly relevant to:

  • Quarry Managers
  • Quarry Supervisors


Tony Ferrazza
Tony has previously been a Senior Mining Engineer with WorkSafe Victoria with oversight of quarries and open cut mines in Victoria. He has extensive experience in education as training co-ordinator at Box Hill Institute and facilitator of a range of courses for the industry.

CPD Hours

6.5 hours - Technical Training

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