International Women in Engineering Day - Enhanced by engineering

This event promises to be an inspiring celebration of the remarkable contributions of women engineers in shaping our future.

June EA women in engineering


This year’s International Women in Engineering Day (INWED) theme is enhanced by engineering. It recognises the incredible contribution women engineers are making to the profession and encourages more women and young girls to pursue a career in engineering.

This webinar will bring together women engineers from diverse disciplines and industries to share their knowledge from developing cutting-edge medical devices to designing sustainable infrastructure, engineering empowers us to push the boundaries of what's possible and make significant strides toward a better future. Let's recognise and honour their achievements, empowering future generations of women in engineering to continue building a better, more inclusive world.

Our esteemed speakers will each share a remarkable journey: Tanja, sharing her expertise in human-centered design and engineering worldwide; Astrid, offering insights on the role of risk engineers in addressing climate change; Kelly, unveiling her endeavours with Australian MedTech startups.

Learning outcomes

  • participants will gain an understanding of the diverse and impactful contributions made by women engineers from various fields and industries
  • appreciate the innovative solutions developed by women engineers to address real-world challenges and improve everyday lives
  • showcase the achievements of women engineers and inspire future generations to pursue careers in engineering and STEM
  • be empowered to support and advocate for gender diversity and inclusivity in engineering and other male-dominated industries
  • gain insight into how engineering innovations shape and impact our society
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