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Lessons learned from Large Scale Industrial IoT Roll out

A mining and metals company - headquartered in Perth with operations in Africa, North America, and South America - recently kick started a monumental initiative to digitally transform its business and operations to improve safety and performance. Seeking to lower maintenance costs, increase asset availability and reduce unplanned outages, the client engaged Deloitte to leverage GE’s digital asset management platforms (Predix-APM) to track the health, safety, and efficiency of their operations assets.

The talk will present some of the challenges faced during the implementation, how we tackled them, what worked, and what didn’t. Key take-aways of this project has been directly added to Industrial IoT architecture design principles that Deloitte is currently putting together.

Speaker: Hasib Rahman, Data Architect :: Fintech | IIoT | Digital Mining | Big Data - Analytics and Cognitive at Deloitte
BIO: Hasib Rahman is a hands-on Data Architect who help large enterprises build Big Data platforms to enable Advanced Analytics and Decision Science. His career began on Wall Street in 1999. He worked with Fortune 500 and ASX 20 companies such as Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, Bloomberg, BNP Paribas, Samsung, and Transurban. His 20+ years of experience has helped him to build an extensive portfolio in the field of data.

Are you building a better mousetrap? That's not enough!
A few years ago, Anand built a smarter mousetrap for a well-known pest control company. However, today when he reflects on the journey, it seems it was not enough. Merely adding connectivity or sensing capability to the legacy object is not a great deal. So he spent some time documenting this experience and would be sharing this with the audience. Anand says hard work in large scale IoT rollout is not as cool as perceived by many customers or developers. While he presents a real-life case study, he would highlight how you can help transform traditional (legacy) products and services into tech products or services. He will speak about various things that usually may go wrong and how you can deal with them.

Speaker: Anand Tamboli, Principal Consultant, Knewron Technologies & Services
BIO: Anand helps businesses to improve key metrics by finding meaningful problems and then solving them in innovative ways. Sane and sensible adoption of technology continues to be his area of focus.

With profound understanding of disruption and business transformation, Anand concentrates on solving customer problems while utilizing the latest technology advancements. He strongly believes that technology is not a panacea as it takes the right combination of people, process, technology, and timing to achieve the best results.

Anand evangelizes futurism and encourages non-linear thinking. Using his cross-domain and multi-industry experiential knowledge, Anand sees things with a uniquely different lens.

5.30 PM - 6.00 PM | Networking + Pizza & Drinks
6.00 PM - 6.30 PM | Session 1 + Q&A
6.30 PM - 7.00 PM | Session 2 + Q&A
7.00 PM - 7.15 PM | Wrap up

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