Quarry Roads & Onsite Vehicles Safety

Attend this online webinar and learn about Quarry Roads and Transport safety, efficiency and productivity with managing haul roads and transport in quarries. Gain a deeper understanding of how to improve your quarry practices.

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Incidents involving vehicles have the potential to seriously injure or kill, due to the sheer size of the equipment typically involved.

  • Vehicle collisions accounted for 38% of all worker fatalities (SafeWork Australia 2021)
  • Dump truck reversed into a dozer
  • Reversing dump truck rollover
  • Pedestrian suffers serious crush injury from reversing mobile plant
  • Collision between loader and truck
  • Mobile plant reverses into a light vehicle

These incidents and many more occur too frequently. However, well designed and maintained roads and vehicle operating areas can make these accidents less likely.

Webinar Overview

This IQA webinar has been designed to provide participants with an understanding of the safety, efficiency and productivity considerations for managing haul roads and transport in quarries and improving collision avoidance.

The webinar will cover:

  • The hazards and risks associated with operation of quarry vehicles, and mobile plant and equipment in quarries
  • Overview of quarry legislative requirements
  • Strategies for management of traffic and haul routes

Who should attend?

The course is recommended for:

  • Quarry Managers
  • Quarry Supervisors
  • All staff responsible for traffic and transport management within quarries.

Webinar Learning Objectives

  • Understand the fundamental aspects of transport route planning in quarries
  • Understand the risks and hazards associated with the interaction of quarry vehicles, mobile plant and equipment, and pedestrians in quarries
  • Explore strategies for managing the risks associated with transport route and haul road construction
  • Understand stockyard planning and operations
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