Live Online Training: Fundamentals of Green Steel

The course aims to enable companies and stakeholders to be aware of the fundamentals of green steel.

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Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand commercial considerations involving green steel, hydrogen and lessons-learned
  • Gain awareness of the Green Standards
  • Learn the techniques for the production and use of green steel as part of net zero construction
  • Understand practical risks and opportunities associated with the production and use of green Steel, especially via the use of hydrogen
  • Appreciate the challenges around a net zero aligned steel industry support and bailouts
  • Explore alternatives to green steel
  • Learn about real-world projects aimed at reducing CO2 emissions in steel making
  • Understand the differing perspectives of the investor, the operator, the customer and government
  • Recognise political and diplomatic implications of international trade in green steel including recent trends
  • Review design, storage, and hydrogen transportation considerations
  • Discover the characteristics that broaden yet constrain the commercial and technical links in the ‘supply chain’
  • Consider various options for green steel market developments

About the Course

The green steel sector is expected to grow significantly across the globe in the coming years. The UK, for example, recently set a target to produce forty gigawatts of offshore wind and so will require vast quantities of green steel for turbine foundations and cabling infrastructure. Five gigawatts of hydrogen is also projected by 2030, representing a 40-fold increase within nine years for that sector.

The journey to a renewable, circular and low-carbon economy (facilitated with electrons, hydrogen and other technologies), will be challenging and the very top priority will be that it is implemented and delivered safely. This course details how global leaders can assist. Developers and stakeholders require their people and supply chain to possess the necessary skills and competencies to deliver green steel projects safely, on time and with the highest quality standards.

The course aims to enable companies and stakeholders to be aware of the fundamentals of green steel. What it is and what it means for the future? What decisions and plans are likely to be made based on the real opportunities that are emerging? Participants will be guided as to where early opportunities are most likely to lie, who is involved and how to engage.

Who Will Benefit

Existing companies particularly those who are already part of the steel supply chain and those looking to future-proof their capabilities. Project developers seeking to decarbonise and source green infrastructure, financiers and the construction industry. Construction, OEM’s and balance of plant organisations. Particularly relevant to engineering companies, those involved in storage compression equipment and shipping as well as those seeking to enter the energy arena with its myriad opportunities in a market set for exponential growth. The course will also benefit stakeholders from government, finance and consenting and those wishing to understand the realities of green steel production.

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