Social Media Strategies for Business

Are you struggling with which social media platforms are best for your business? Are you wasting too much time or money and not getting the results you desire?


Social Media Strategies will help you understand who your target customers are and which platforms to spend your valuable time on. This workshop is an interactive session which will assist you in creating your customer avatar and teach you how to market to them. You will learn tips that will help you become a more effective social media marketer which will save you time and money.

Presenter: Katina Beverdige

Katina Beveridge is the CEO Strategic Online a Sydney based Digital Marketing Agency. She helps businesses grow through strategic digital marketing solutions.

Katina also shares a passion for teaching and helping small business owners, having been in that space herself she understands the issues small business face every day. When not completely immersed in work she loves to spend time with her children out in nature.

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