REGISTRATIONS CLOSED 2 Day Root Cause Analysis Workshop

Every business makes mistakes. The best learn from them.


But if you don’t understand the reasons for a failure, you can’t implement successful countermeasures, and you’ll be condemned to repeat it over again.

Root Cause Analysis (RCA Rt) is a proven set of analysis and problem-solving tools that equip your teams with the skills to identify and address the real underlying cause(s) of problems, from the smallest repeating issues to major incidents. RCA Rt also fosters a culture of continuous improvement, helping you optimise processes, reveal hidden potential, and identify opportunities for innovation.

Course Objectives:

With the RCA Rt training course, SIRF Roundtables aim to provide individuals and teams a proven, well thought out method for effective problem-solving. All participants of the RCA Rt course leave equipped with the skills to identify the root cause of problems and implement solutions that produce good results.

Learning Outcomes:

  • The theory of the RCA Rt method
  • How to engage and lead across functional problem-solving team
  • What level of focus and detail is required for particular incidents
  • How to prioritise problems
  • How to manage an RCA Rt investigation team
  • How to achieve and implement plans
  • How to trend and track


  • Improved productivity
  • Enhanced culture of continuous improvement
  • Improved performance
  • Less down-time
  • Fewer 'band-aid' solutions
  • More efficient use of resources
  • Fewer recurring problems
  • Improved morale
  • Better reporting and organisational learning
  • Reduced operating costs

Only a structured methodology like RCA Rt can permanently eliminate complex problems. That’s because it provides a repeatable thinking process, which stops people from rushing into quick fixes that address symptoms rather than causes. RCA Rt is robust and systematic, yet simple enough that it can be used immediately. It’s also a magnificent communication tool, which ensures facts are spelled out clearly, assumptions are clarified, and problems are well understood across the whole team involved.

Who should attend?

The RCA Rt training course provides people in organisations with the appropriate skills and tools to engage effective problem-solving. The course suits participants from all levels in the organisation including the front line, specialist support people and management. The two-day program is primarily designed for people who will be actively involved in problem-solving activities.

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