Managing Risk: The Importance of ESG in Your Business

Dr Kaushik Sridhar, Founder and CEO at Orka Advisory and Boomerang Labs mentor, will present a deep dive into the fundamentals of ESG for today's businesses.

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ESG (environmental, social, and governance) represents the three main areas that companies are expected to report on. In addition to meeting legal requirements, it's important for businesses to understand the non-financial risks and opportunities present in a company's activities.

From founders in their early stages to mentors guiding entrepreneurs on the rise, this introduction to ESG is a must-know for business professionals.

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We’re excited to bring back our webinar series for 2024, where we’ll unpack the most pressing topics in the world of circular economy startups and innovation. Each webinar will feature circular economy and business experts that we love working with through our Mentors Network, as well as additional subject matter expert guest speakers.

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