Decarbonisation of Australia’s Gas Network

The Energy Efficiency Expo 2020 Virtual Conference is free-to-attend in partnership with the Energy Efficiency Council

Eec decarbon gas

Now is the time to capitalise on the moment and seize the opportunity to grow a biomethane economy in Australia.

This session will showcase global case studies from across Europe and the USA as well as domestic companies driving the development of projects in Australia. You will also hear from Jemena, one of Australias largest gas pipeline owners on what they are doing to drive the Biomethane market and decarbonise the network.

Did you know that in NSW alone there is enough methane being emitted to supply the entire domestic gas usage in the State? Explore companies in Australia wanting to secure the gas and what we need in order to drive the industry with highlights from the report “Biogas opportunities for Australia”, prepared by ENEA consulting for Bioenergy Australia, ARENA, the International Energy Agency, CEFC and Energy Networks Australia.

Chair: Shahana McKenzie, CEO, Bioenergy Australia


Edward Lynch, Founding Partner, Danish Biogas Alliance

Craig Dugan, CEO, Optimal Group Australia

Kunal Shah, Managing Director – Sales, Asia Pacific, Anaergia Singapore

Joshua Moran, Commercial Manager – Renewable Gas, Jemena

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