METS Doctoral Training Centre End of Year event

Industry Information session: How will modern mines be best supported by future METS?


The METS Doctoral Training Centre is hosting an end of year event in Muswellbrook where METS DTC students and University research associates will join local industry members to discuss how the METS DTC and industry are working together to solve real-world problems.

We are very pleased to welcome Bengalla Mining Company CEO, Cam Halfpenny to speak at this event about the future of the METS sector, and how modern mines will be best supported by METS. Cam will draw from his extensive experience in mine operations to provide his insight on what METS capabilities will be needed, and what is required to support a competitive and resilient new generation workforce.

DTC Students will present an overview of their research projects, and networking opportunities and refreshments will follow.

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