Mine Operations Manager Core Skills: Enabling Optimal Performance

Essential skills for managing teams and engaging contractors, including the unique requirements for leading local, remote and international teams

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Help your sites and your people reach peak performance with critical skills for enabling safe and collaborative behaviours. From selecting the right people for the right role to ensuring productive arrangements with contractors and helping your people return home safely each day, gain actionable insights into helping your team be their best every day.

Explore topics like:

Organisations as systems

  • Your role in enabling performance
  • Talent selection for business advantage.
  • The correlation between systems theory and mine management
  • How to implement organisation design principles for mining operations

Contracts + Contractor management

  • Understanding contracts and contract terms.
  • Contract management systems and negotiations frameworks
  • Principles of tendering and estimation
  • Collaborating with suppliers and consultants
  • Common causes of disputes between client and contractor

Managing overseas and remote projects

  • Enablers and barriers for remote projects
  • Opportunities associated with cultural differences
  • Leveraging technology as an enabler
  • Communication within remote teams
  • Risks and mitigations for managing overseas projects

Safety and crisis management

  • Your role in upholding legislative requirements
  • Practical activities to analyse your site’s safety culture and safety statistics
  • Understanding and harnessing human factors that can affect safety
  • Evaluating site response framework effectiveness

Spanning 5 weeks, this online course has been designed to help established and emerging leaders harness knowledge and practical application to enable their teams to support critical business goals while empowering their own career journey.

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