Mine Operations Manager Core Skills: Manager as Leader and Influencer

Become an effective mine manager with field-proven insights

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From leading teams across remote sites to 24 hour operations, the resources sector offers unique challenges for leaders, underpinned by continuous change, pressure to perform and complex corporate expectations. Reduce the stress of people management while you gain the the skills and frameworks to be an exceptional team leader with the Manager as Leader and Influencer short course. This course has been developed by leaders with field-proven experience building and leading teams successfully in the resources sector.

Gain the essential knowledge you need to successfully lead a team in mining:

Critical skills and obligations as a manager

  • Your ethical obligations as a manager, and the risks of unethical behaviour
  • Translating corporate expectations and communicating them to your team

People management tools to unlock high performance

  • Performance coaching to enable success
  • Influence at all levels of the business to create positive change
  • Skills for team morale and engagement, including the right leadership behaviours to use in different contexts and cultures
  • Lead performance feedback discussions effectively

Tools and frameworks to support your path to success

  • Frameworks for continuous improvement as a leader, including reflecting on your performance and asking for feedback from others
  • Manager’s toolbox of productivity techniques and tools, including delegating, managing your energy and time

This course is part of the Mine Operations Manager Core Skills series, designed to support new, aspiring and established leaders develop the skills to lead successful teams and operations in the mining industry.

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