Mined Land Rehabilitation Conference 2019

This annual conference promotes the use of best-practice approaches in the management of rehabilitation of mined lands

9th Annual Mined Land Rehabilitation Conference 2019

This year the conference will continue under the management of CRC CARE, which has frequently engaged with past Mine Rehab conferences.

This annual conference is a significant event on the Hunter Region calendar. It provides an important avenue to promote the use of best-practice approaches in the management of rehabilitation of mined lands. The conference brings together mine rehabilitation stakeholders to share current best practices, to discuss what is being done well, what can improve, and what needs to happen in the future.

This is your opportunity to engage and be engaged.

*This conference can be used towards continuing professional development points (please check with your certification scheme).

Mine Rehab 2019 includes:

  • Presentations by some of the world’s foremost experts in rehabilitation of mined land
  • Poster presentations from leading researchers
  • Expert thematic workshops.

Why attend?

Mined Land Rehabilitation Conference 2019 will be the leading forum for recent advances in mine rehabilitation and associated policy formulation and adoption. It will promote the science that underpins a risk-based approach to rehabilitation of mined land and, via interactive forums, identify the major constraints to effective remediation of such sites.

The conference presents an opportunity to put your organisation at the forefront of best practice in dealing with mined land rehabilitation sites. It offers a more economically sustainable approach that does not compromise human and environmental health. Mine Rehab 2019 provides a way forward for dealing with the legacy of our mining past.

Who should attend?

The 2019 Conference will attract:

  • policy- and law-makers
  • mine and land owners
  • environmental contamination consultants
  • anyone with a professional interest in mined land rehabilitation
  • regulatory officers involved in the mining sector, policy development and implementation
  • early-career researchers, PhD students, and Masters and Honours graduates
  • individuals and organisations representing the mining community and associated supply chains
  • researchers and research institutes
  • anybody from the broader community who wants to learn about or have a say in how we deal with the environmental impacts of mining.

Anticipated this year are 300+ delegates, making it one of the largest mined land rehabilitation conferences in Australia.

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