Mining Masterclass: Unlocking the value of your assets with Environmental Intelligence

Environmental Intelligence goes beyond data collection for conventional environmental monitoring and compliance. It enables companies to harness the power of big data, AI and analytics to produce real-time visualisations, predictive modelling and actionable insights.

Mining masterclass

For the modern mining operation, this can allow them to identify unknown risks and unlock hidden value to gain a competitive edge.

In this masterclass, you will learn how Envirosuite is working with mining organisations to address and mitigate risks through Environmental Intelligence, and subsequently realise benefits such as:

• Business profits above forecasts

• Safer workplaces

• Maintaining social license to operate

• Support for expansion of existing operations

• Reduced effort to permit new operations

• Recognition as a leader in the sector

Speaker: Matt Scholl, Global Head of Mining & Industrial Sectors, Envirosuite

Matt Scholl is the Global Head of Mining & Industrial sectors at Envirosuite. He has worked in the environmental management space for 20 years, where he has pioneered the application of proactive environmental technology solutions for a broad range of clients around the world. Matt brings deep experience in science, technology and management to enable businesses to operate with confidence in the face of increasing environmental, operational, and social concerns.

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