Mining Risk Engineering

This course is about the scientific understanding of risk, its measurement and analysis.

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This knowledge underlies the concepts of critical risks and their controls, as described in the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) Critical Control Management Guide. The efficient use of the processes described in the Guide benefits from an understanding of “risk” and what is meant by “safety”, the connect between “hazard” and “risk” and the foundation of engineering risk analysis methods.

There is much potential for misunderstanding in the used of terms and methods because of the numerous definitions of them in legislation and in the plethora of risk management standards: “Even within the ISO domain… I think there’s about 40 different definitions of risk in different standards”
(May 7, 2018: Grant Purdy interviewed by Alex Sidorenko in

However, these terms are actually also the subject of good science. This science provides a sound foundation for understanding, identifying and ranking Material Unwanted Events (MUE), risk and the risk analysis principles simplified in Bow Tie Analysis. The science clarifies the differences between causes and controls and enables control measure possibilities to be comprehensively listed.

Who Will Benefit

Scientifically-educated professionals in the mining and minerals industries, e.g. engineers, geologists, metallurgists and surveyors.

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