National Supergrid – proposed major new investment in electricity networks.

An Australia wide $20billion investment is proposed to provide new transmission infrastructure to support a renewable energy economy


National Supergrid – proposed major new investment in electricity networks.

The Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE) report 'National Supergrid - Connecting Australians to a Zero-Emissions Future’ , (Supergrid) published earlier this year outlines a five-year grid investment program. It proposes to “deliver sovereign energy, secure supply chains, good quality jobs and lowest-cost competitive energy to ensure a prosperous and zero-emissions Australia.”

Transgrid's 2023 report -'System Security Roadmap - Planning, building and operating the NSW transmission system at up to 100% instantaneous renewable energy.' The report discusses uplift in three critical pillars that is necessary to enable 100% instantaneous renewables, including transmission infrastructure for energy reliability, new system security infrastructure and services and new operational technology tools and increased training and people. "Australia is executing one of the world’s most ambitious and rapid clean energy transitions. Surging renewable energy generation, storage and the decline in coal generation is reshaping our power system." Transgrid [NSW and ACT] is "investing $14 billion in transmission infrastructure and must invest $2.5 billion for system security and operability".


Beth Mitchell - BZE's Government Relations Specialist, Policy Lead on 'Supergrid'

Kelvin Wicks - researcher at BZE and a lead author of 'Supergrid'

Jesse Steinfeld -Transgrid - Energy Transition Manager | Network

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