Navigating Networking Challenges: An exploration into the energy transition

The transition from fossil fuelled synchronous generators to asynchronous variable renewable energy generating plant has resulted in a reduction in system strength in the transmission network.


At the same time, new generation is being curtailed due to network congestion.

Dr Stephen Hinchliffe (GHD) will discuss: what system strength is (and what it isn’t); why it is of such importance to Transmission Network Service Providers to maintain grid security; the rules around maintaining minimum levels of system strength, obligations placed on renewable energy developers and implications for projects and approaches to mitigating risk.

Josh Whiting (EY) will discuss network congestion and the subsequent curtailment experienced by new generation in the NEM. Josh will explain what is network congestion, how it impacts generators, and how it can be managed.

Przem Luczynski (EY) will join Stephen and Josh in a Q&A following the presentations.


Dr Stephen Hinchliffe has 25 years’ experience in the power sector; initially developing clean energy projects and then as a consultant. He has Masters’ degrees in Electrical Engineering, Business Administration and Commercial Law and a PhD in Power Inverters. Stephen advises on market regulation; power network planning, Marginal Loss Factors, network constraints and grid strength requirements. He supports developers and financiers with project evaluation, asset transactions and has advised governments on renewable energy policy including the need for long term storage to firm renewables and enable 100% carbon neutral targets to be met.

Josh Whiting is a Manager in the EY ROAM team, with over 5 years’ experience in energy market modelling. Josh has gained a diverse skill set in modelling the National Electricity Market for all types of market participants and generator types. His industry knowledge allows him to provide insightful commentary on market modelling outcomes that are used to inform market design as well as investment decision making.

Przem Luczynski is Associate Director in EY’s Energy Market Modelling team in Sydney, specializing in modelling technical, commercial and policy impacts in the energy sector. Przem has more than 10 years of experience advising clients from electricity sector. For the last 7 years Przem was modelling electricity markets in Australia and Europe, which helped him to gain an extensive understanding of the market drivers, policies and practices.

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