NSW Mining Exploration Forum and Awards Sydney

'Learn from the past, manage the present, ensure the future'

The NSW Mining Exploration Forum, sponsored by Hetherington Exploration & Mining Title Services, brings the NSW exploration sector together to discuss regulatory and policy issues, new advances in exploration geology and case studies of successful exploration projects.

The event program includes a wide range of highly regarded industry, government and exploration professionals and academics who will share their valuable insights talking to the event theme of “Learn from the past, manage the present, ensure the future”.

A technical panel session will cover licensing and permitting requirements for exploration and negotiating land access, with representatives from departments including the Division of Resources and Geoscience, Forestry Corporation of NSW Resources Regulator and Crown Lands. During this session, attendees will have the opportunity to direct questions to the panel.

A series of talks on new and innovative techniques and tools for exploration will be held post lunch. Confirmed speakers include:

  • David Cohen, Associate Professor in Exploration Geochemistry, University of NSW
  • Dietmar Muller, Professor of Geophysics, University of Sydney
  • June Hill, Senior Research Scientist in Mathematical Geosciences and Structural Geology, CSIRO
  • Mark Arundell, Principal Consultant, IMEx Consulting

A number of best practice exploration success stories will be presented. Confirmed speakers include:

  • Luke Cox, Clean Teq
  • Ian Chalmers, Technical Director, Alkane Resources
  • Glen Masterman, VP Discovery and Business Development, Evolution Mining

The full program of speakers will be released soon.

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