NSW Regional Bioenergy Summit

Bioenergy Australia, with the support of Regional Growth NSW Development Corporation is pleased to offer this one day summit, a free online event.


The NSW Regional Bioeconomy Summit seeks to provide an opportunity for the agriculture, farming, industrial, energy, transport, mining, and local government sectors to understand their potential opportunities in bioenergy and the broader bioeconomy and to maximise on the opportunity of Special Activation Precincts in regional NSW.

Regional Growth NSW Development Corporation was established to deliver on the NSW Government’s bold commitment to drive economic growth and prosperity in regional NSW through Special Activation Precincts.

Special Activation precincts are dedicated areas in regional locations identified by the NSW Government to become thriving business hubs. They will generate jobs and economic growth by bringing together streamlined planning and approvals with investment support services and government-funded infrastructure. The precincts will challenge conventional thinking about industrial parks by incorporating circular economy principles, secure, renewable energy supplies for carbon neutral precincts and efficient water use.

To understand more about the technologies and feedstocks associated with bioenergy please check out KPMG State of the Nation Report and Biogas Opportunities for Australia published by Bioenergy Australia.

This free event will explore;
• Regional NSW’s huge potential to develop a bioeconomy
• Projects delivering lower cost, lower emissions through bioenergy across Australia, specifically in the industrial, agricultural, and manufacturing sector
• Tools to support project development and funding support for bioenergy projects

It will look in depth at the opportunity for increased:
• bio-methane and biogas in regional NSW
• renewable heat from regional NSW biomass
• biofuels and biochemicals in regional NSW
• utilisation of waste streams from a range of sectors

This event is presented online, consisting of both a seminar where you will hear from industry experts sharing information through; presentations and existing projects/case studies followed by a more in-depth discussion of projects and technology with questions and answers moderated by industry experts.

This event will be of interest to those with sources of biomass that could be used to produce bioenergy or biochemicals, and those considering a potential bioenergy project, developers, investors, technology providers, local government, and the regional NSW Bioenergy industry.

Register now for this free event and develop/increase your knowledge and awareness of regional NSW’s bioenergy potential.

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