How IIoT solutions for asset tracking deliver value to the supply and logistics industry

IoT-enabled Track & Trace Solutions deliver in real-time the location and condition information about assets supply chain operations always wanted and needed to gain more control.


However, up until now it has been too expensive and complex.

This webinar involves an expert panel discussion on the above topic, in addition to a real-world Australian case study on how Loscam partnered with Thinxtra, The IoT Telco to deploy a Track & Trace solution that delivers real value to ACTIVE for the Mitsubishi Motors Supply Chain.

Attendees will gain valuable insights on how they can partner to achieve economic viability and operational scalability, enabled by Thinxtra’s 0G Network and solutions.

Experts on the panel include: Daniel Bunnett, Executive Vice President Australia and New Zealand at Loscam, Craig Stanford, Director of ACTIVE and Loic Barancourt, CEO and Co-Founder of Thinxtra, The IoT Telco.

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