Peruvian Mining Innovation - Opportunities for Australian METS

Join Austmine and the Australia Peru Chamber of Commerce (APCCI), along with their international partners, to explore opportunities for Australian METS companies to provide innovative solutions to the Peruvian mining market.


Peru is one of the leading mining markets in South America and is home to many large-scale gold, silver and copper projects. Major Peruvian mining companies are embracing innovative technologies and new ways of doing business as they strive to boost operational efficiencies, increase productivity and competitiveness and thrive in a challenging social and economic environment.

This presents opportunities for Australian METS companies to transfer their world-leading expertise and unique solutions to the Peruvian market.

In this session the panel will explore:

  • Current business environment in Peru and the impact of COVID-19
  • Status of the Peruvian mining industry and focus areas for the future
  • Key challenges in the Peruvian market and requirements from the supply sector
  • Drivers of innovation and technology uptake in Peru
  • Advice for Australian METS companies in accessing Peruvian supply opportunities
  • Strengthening relationships between the Australian and Peru mining industry

Expert Panel:

  • Elizabeth Castro, President, APCCI
  • Emilio Gómez Gutierrez, CEO & Co-Founder, Linkminers
  • Diana Nelson, Australian Ambassador to Peru
  • Rafael Estrada, Manager of Information Technology, Telecommunications and Process, Antamina Mining Company
  • Colin McVie, Manager – Define (Corporate Consulting), Mining Plus
  • Christine Gibbs Stewart, CEO, Austmine - Moderator


This is a must-attend webinar for Australian METS companies with an interest in the Peruvian mining market.

The webinar is free to attend and exclusive for Austmine, APCCI and Australia-Latin America Business Council (ALABC) member companies.

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