Port Macquarie - CPD training for solar professionals

This training session will allow you to claim 40 CPD points

Sept Port Mac Solar

PowerPlus Energy is Australia's largest battery manufacturer, designing and manufacturing robust, reliable, long-lasting energy storage solutions for applications ranging from domestic right through to large-scale utilities.

In the first session, the PowerPlus team will give you an overview of PowerPlus's history, products, chemistry and benefits of self-managed batteries - 10 ELECTIVE CPD points.

The second session will explain advanced design rules to design reliable and stable stand-alone power systems and issues when rules are broken. This session is aimed at installers who are interested in larger battery systems, either grid connects or off-grid, or are already designing and installing with commissioning Selectronic, Victron and SMA equipment - 30 CORE CPD points.

This is a catered event with supplied food and refreshments.

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