President-Elect Biden and the global clean energy transition

The Clean Energy Council invites you to attend a webinar on the implications that a Biden presidency will have for clean energy in Australia and around the world.

Featuring a panel of global and Australian policy experts, this webinar will explore the impact that this significant change in the global order will have on climate and energy policy.

The election of Joe Biden as US President is a watershed moment for global climate policy. By recommitting to the Paris treaty, setting a 2050 zero emissions target and promising an unprecedented program of clean energy spending, the Biden administration will have a profound impact on the world’s transition to a clean energy future.

The implications for Australia are significant, with the Biden administration’s ambitious agenda expected to increase the pressure on other countries to play their part. Join us for a fascinating discussion on what this will mean for the global transition to renewable energy and how it could fundamentally change the way that Australia approaches climate change.

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