Problem solving with KTeX Simulation

This workshop focuses on learning through experiences via realistic simulations, gamification and the use of new learning platforms and technologies to enable learners to apply their problem solving skills more effectively, more quickly, and more confidently.



The KT Problem-Solving Simulation invites learners to practice their problem-solving skills in a safe-to-fail virtual environment and accelerate the transfer of skills from the classroom to back on-the-job. Learners are challenged to apply their skills quickly and efficiently under pressure in scenarios with increasing difficulty.


  • Shorten Time to Proficiency

Practice + Feedback + Repetition = Proficiency! Hands-on practice, feedback from a KT Coach, group discussion, and repetition shortens the time to drive results back on-the-job.

  • Hands-on Group Practice

Perfect practice makes perfect. Learners break into small groups to rapidly gather and analyse information presented in a variety of virtual simulation scenarios.

  • Realistic Environment

The simulation contains real-world problems and learners have to manage time pressure, information overload, managing multiple information sources, and consequences for unnecessary or poorly timed actions.


  • Learn to solve problems under pressure and restore operations safely and quickly
  • Prevent trial-and-error by narrowing down possible causes BEFORE taking action
  • Prevent recurring incidents and implement successful changes
  • Use only the appropriate amount of troubleshooting process required

Please note, this is a free webinar hosted by the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources Entrepreneurs' Programme.

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