Quality in Power System Planning

Power systems have been in existence over 130 years and served the society well, along the way making it to be an essential service, often provided by multiple service providers


Its technical form has been evolved over the years, mainly addressing the need to interconnect and stably operate large synchronous generating units which are often geographically dispersed and located away from the load centres. It is also supported by necessary and well established planning practices, operational procedures, and governing rules. However, the norms and ethos of this well-developed system are now being challenged by the new technological developments.

Different forms of energy sources and energy uses are being created, moving us away from the familiar form of the power system that has served our societies well over a century. Nalin explains how well we can manage the transition, with minimum cost, robustness of the power supply, and the potential environmental impacts.


Dr Nalin Pahalawaththa is the Senior Technical Director – Power Systems at GHD. From 2012– 2016, in the capacity of manager, power system analysis at Trans Grid, Nalin was responsible for the operational, medium and long term planning of the network. He brings a wealth of knowledge from NZ & other countries. Supporting a culture of knowledge sharing, Nalin is a member of a number of professional organisations.

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