Rail Decarbonisation Conference

The inaugural Rail Decarbonisation conference will bring together operators and manufacturers, leading technology and innovation experts, energy industry innovators and investors to discuss and explore the latest opportunities, challenges, initiatives, technologies, and developments for reducing the industry’s CO2 emissions to zero

Sept rail decarbonisation

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Coordinating an industry level approach to decarbonization
  • Australia’s carbon market and the impact on investment opportunities and company profits
  • The role of hydrogen in decarbonising economies
  • How do we consider the broader supply chain aspects of decarbonisation across the lifecycle of rail infrastructure and rollingstock?
  • Carbon credit opportunities and the rail sector
  • Advancing a circular economy
  • Designing against climate risk-How does rail consider climate risks as it moves to a lower carbon economy?
  • Design sizing and optimising zero carbon energy storage options for freight trains
  • Coventry Very Light Rail: Creating the UK’s first Urban VLR demonstration line
  • 99% circular train modernisation, and on track for 100% circular trains in Europe
  • Focusing on small victories in short line railroad decarbonization
  • Decarbonising Inland Rail
  • Pacific National: Our decarbonisation pathway
  • Our green future: Moving towards hydrogen in rail
  • Sydney Trains net zero emissions initiative
  • Putting Aurizon’s climate strategy into action
  • Getting Australasia ready for hydrogen in rail
  • Decarbonising rail traction: ‘NET- Decarb’ decision framework for non-electrified routes
  • Rail decarbonisation technologies, strategies and solutions – Deutsche Bahn working locally and sharing globally
  • Balancing safety hazards in the race to rail decarbonisation
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