Rebuilding Australia – options to reboot productivity and improve living standards

Australia is in the depths of the biggest economic shock since the Great Depression. And while governments rightly focus on kickstarting economic recovery, in the longer-term, productivity is what matters for improving our living standards.

What can governments do to boost productivity? There are plenty of options beyond the usual suspects of tax and IR reform.

A recently released NSW Productivity Commission Green Paper explores options, from improving education and skills, reliable well-priced water and energy, smarter infrastructure, and better planning of our cities.

In this special Grattan Institute/State Library of NSW Forward Thinking webinar event, Grattan experts will discuss the Commission’s recommendations with NSW Productivity Commissioner Peter Achterstraat.

This will be a wide-ranging conversation about reforms to boost living standards, with a special focus on schools, housing, and regulatory reform. We will unpack what policies could make the biggest difference and why, the lessons from COVID on policy change, and the potential roadblocks to worthwhile reforms. And we want to hear from you — please join in by submitting your questions.

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