Recycling and sustainable management of solar panels workshop

The workshop aims to bring together all relevant communities, including the PV industry, the waste management sector, policy makers and international experts from universities and research institutes to exchange views, business information and knowledge.

UNS Wsolarconf

This event is an opportunity to bring together and focus all the major initiatives taking place in the world and to create a synergy between the sectors of the photovoltaic value chain.

The workshop is a part of IEA PVPS Task 12 Knowledge sharing, the presentations and roundtables will address the following topics:

• Sustainability of photovoltaics and circular strategies.

• Latest research progress on sustainable management of end-of-life solar panels.

• Good industry practice and status of PV recycling capacity in Australia.

• Opportunities for the waste sector.

And more importantly… Free network drinks start from 5PM!

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the registration is limited to 50 face-to-face tickets and 50 online tickets. Register your interest ASAP!

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