Reinvent Your Business in Troubled Times Part 2

Ready to take the next step in reinventing your business?


This webinar – Reinventing Your Business in Troubled Times is a huge success and has helped small and medium business owners redefine their goals and vision during these challenging times.

In Part 2 of the reinventing webinar series, Netstripes’ CEO and Digital Marketing Expert, Dinesh De Silva will take you through the process of building, refining, and executing your new strategy. Are you ready for it?

In just three hours, Dinesh will show you,

- How to build a winning customer strategy for online success
- How to understand your customer’s buying psychology
- Influence customer buying decisions
- Develop compelling online content that drives results
- Create empathy and engage social audiences
- What is ‘Growth Hacking’ and lessons for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME)
- Understand data and analytics for marketing success
- Best Practices in 2020 for social media marketing

This webinar is fully-funded by the NSW Government so you get all this valuable knowledge for FREE!

As this is a FREE webinar, invite your business partners, teammates, and use this opportunity to learn and work together as a team!

All you have to do is click on the link to register your spot and save the date and time on your calendar!

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