Renewable Diesel/ Sustainable Aviation Fuel Sydney

Leaning on years of advisory services in the sector, the course director will share his insight and real-world lessons learned for attendees interested in developing, owning, or operating a RD/SAF plant.

July aviation fuel

Thanks to growing acceptance by the transportation sector and supported by commercially demonstrated, scalable technologies, renewable diesel (“RD”) and sustainable aviation fuel (“SAF”) plants are being built around the world.

The course will highlight:
  • Overview of the industry that focuses on global growth trends and regulatory drivers.
  • Basic process design discussion, leading RD/SAF technology licensors, and greenfield construction versus refinery revamp considerations.
  • Typical capital and operating expenses, feedstock sourcing costs, pretreatment options, and product pricing examples will then be used to illustrate potential economic returns.
  • Project development challenges including site selection, logistics considerations, EPC execution, and commissioning/start-up.
Learning Objectives
  • Discuss the renewable fuels industry’s role in the ongoing clean energy transition
  • Consider trends in evolving global energy supply and demand balances
  • Analyze competing renewable diesel and/or SAF technologies considering technical requirements, licensing issues, process guarantees, carbon footprints, and construction options
  • Understand renewable feedstock supply, including global supply/demand balances, pricing relationships, and logistics
  • Evaluate various commercial feed pretreatment and technology options
  • Assess representative project economics for renewable diesel/SAF
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