Live Online Training Course: Renewable Energy: Resources and Integration

Live online training course on the emerging low emissions electricity industry

Key Learning Objectives

  • Renewable energy resources at global and Australian levels (solar, wind, biomass, hydro, geothermal, marine)
  • Technologies for converting renewable energy resources to electrical energy
  • Energy storage technologies for electricity industry applications
  • Opportunities and techniques for demand-side flexibility
  • Other complementary resources that can facilitate renewable energy integration
  • Challenges in integrating renewable energy resources and their resolution: technical, commercial, planning & regulation
  • Experience to date in deploying renewable energy and energy storage technologies in the Australian National Electricity Market and elsewhere
  • Lessons learned and future directions

About the Course

The course will provide a comprehensive overview of renewable energy resources and their integration into the electricity industry, with a particular focus on wind and solar energy and their integration into the Australian National Electricity Market.

Our expert instructor will describe the main renewable energy resources, their distribution in Australia and elsewhere and the technologies that are used to convert renewable energy resources into electrical energy. He will also describe complementary resources including energy storage, flexible demand and flexible conventional generation that can facilitate renewable energy integration.

The course will then discuss wind and solar PV integration in more detail, considering temporal and locational aspects, technical and safety standards and economic and commercial aspects. Relevant current energy policy settings will be considered.

Who Will Benefit

Managers, executives and staff from the electricity, gas, renewable energy and storage industries, regulatory bodies and government, banks, brokers, lawyers, consultants, industry advisors, major energy users and other industry professionals seeking more knowledge about the current electricity industry and future trends.

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