Rethinking age in the workplace

How policy makers and employers engage younger and older Australians will be central to the nation’s prosperity.

Australian youth and older generations represent proportions of the population that are under-represented in today’s diverse workforce. Australia’s unemployment rate among people aged 15 to 24 years is more than double the general rate and is higher than the average comparable economies within the OECD.

Similarly, Australians aged 55 years and over remain under-utilized with many experiencing under-employment and age discrimination in the workplace.

This event will examine:

  • The economic and social benefits of a diverse and engaged workforce that offers opportunities to workers – young and old;
  • Policy initiatives that encourage older adults to remain in the workplace and access life-long learning opportunities to upskill;
  • Work opportunities for younger Australians and vocational pathways for school leavers; and
  • Inclusive leadership and eliminating bias in the workplace with regard to perceptions of age.
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