Revenue is Vanity Profit is Sanity & Cash is King with Alan Miltz

In this 3 hour workshop, globally renowned expert Alan Miltz will provide you with the implementation tools and solutions to achieve business excellence.

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Alan Miltz will walk you though using his methods, including his One Page Financial Scorecard, Monthly Management Reporting Process and Banking Excellence techniques including:

  • The 4 Chapters of Financial Excellence (Profitability, Working Capital, Other Capital, and Cash Flow and Funding):How is your business performing in relation to the four chapters? What does every number mean, how can you improve them, how do your non-financial staff impact the numbers performance?
  • The Big 3 Cash Measures to be implemented in your business.
  • Colour Coding your financial performance.
  • How to fix your business using the Power of One. How many 1% or 1 day changes does your business need to make to achieve it's financial goals?
  • Monthly Management Meetings. Learn how to conduct monthly/quarterly senior management or board meetings to ensure all financial and business blind spots are uncovered. This includes all the spreadsheets to calculate all the numbers.
  • Creating a Culture of Financial and Business Excellence ensuring your non-financial managers understand your business.
  • How to ensure your organisation understands the way the banks view your performance and how to build a true partner with your bank through improved communication.

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This is a free workshop hosted by the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources Entrepreneurs' Programme.

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