Revolutionising Green Hydrogen Production

Learn how a NSW startup's innovative technology has created game-changing efficiencies in how hydrogen is produced from water electrolysis.

May hydrogen chief

Renewable, or green, hydrogen will play a critical role in the future decarbonisation of our economy, particularly of the so-called ‘hard-to-abate’ sectors like heavy transport, steel and chemicals.

The challenge is to deliver renewable hydrogen that is cost-competitive with fossil fuels. In this seminar, Professor Gerry Swiegers, Chief Technical Officer of hydrogen production company Hysata, will describe a new technology that employs a ‘capillary’ electrolyser cell to convert water directly into hydrogen without the formation of gas bubbles.

‘Bubble-free’ water electrolysers of this type demonstrate system efficiencies of 95%, equating to an energy consumption of 41.5 kWh for every kilogram of hydrogen produced (state-of-the-art commercial electrolysers consume in excess of 50 kWh/kg). This figure exceeds the efficiency target of the International Renewable Energy Agency for the year 2050.

The demand for cost-competitive green hydrogen is such that the Hysata already has an order book of more than $5 billion, and Gerry will discuss how the company is approaching the commercialisation of its innovative technology.

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