SAIMM/AusIMM Metallurgical Society Joint Webinar Series: J F Elliot Lecture

AusIMM's Metallurgical Society, in collaboration with SAIMM, invites you to attend the webinar presentation by Professor In-Ho Jung, from Seoul National University, South Korea.

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The AIST John F. Elliott Lectureship was established in 1990. This honorary lectureship is designed to acquaint students and engineers with the exciting opportunities in chemical process metallurgy; inspire them to pursue careers in this field; inform the public of the contributions of chemical process metallurgy and materials chemistry to the association; and honor the late Prof. John Elliott of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for his many accomplishments and the leadership that he provided during his career.

Professor In-Ho Jung's Abstract is titled 'Computational Thermodynamic Calculations: from CALPHAD Thermodynamic Database to Virtual Steelmaking Plant'

Thermodynamics is one of the fundamentals that undergraduate engineering students learn.

Although it is essential to understand the chemical reactions and phase equilibria in small-scale lab experiments and real-world materials manufacturing processes, many students and researchers are afraid of dealing with thermodynamic equations and try to avoid them as much as possible.

In this lecture, In-Ho will show the beauty of thermodynamics by demonstrating its applicability to the real-world steelmaking process.

In order for this to be done, he will begin with basic chemical reactions and phase diagrams, introduce the CALPHAD type thermodynamic databases, and eventually lead you to virtual steelmaking plant simulations based on thermodynamics and kinetics.

At the end of this lecture, you will have learned that thermodynamics is very important and practical engineering knowledge, and how thermodynamic software can serve as useful tools in materials engineering.

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