SMART101: HR & Recruitment

What is currently seen as the best way to recruit for regional startups to bring incredible talent to our region?

Alli Baker from JobGetter joins the UNE SRI in May in Tamworth and Armidale to share her knowledge of recruitment for startups and how to make sure you’re finding the best talent and not selling your startup short!

Alli Baker founded JobGetter just 8 years ago with her business partner Fiona Anson, and they’re taking a whole new direction to job seeking and recruitment – and specifically giving back to the startup community. Powering the largest connected network of job sites in Australia, JobGetter uses machine learning and AI to give job seekers continual feedback on why they missed out on a job and helps them identify skill gaps so they can work on fixing them.

In this event, you will hear from Alli on the following areas:

  • Best recruitment strategies for startups
  • How to sell your regional startup to a candidate
  • How to best recruit for a regional area
  • General strategies for startups with recruitment
  • How to keep your talent and help grow your startup


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