SRI Meetups - Tech: Linking Regional Founders and Tech Developers

Join the SRI via Zoom for the first online Tech Meetup, focused on linking regional founders with software developers


Join the SRI for a relaxed catchup at home over Zoom for their first online SRI Meetup, focused on linking regional founders with software developers. In this evening online session, you will be able to share a little about your startup or area of interest, and hear from software developers about their skills and experience so you can find a potential startup connection.

After the success of the SMARTSession with Sam Duncan from Farmlab on building business value with developers,SRI thought it would be a great opportunity to open up their networks across the New England region to have an SRI Online Meetup – focused around connecting with tech developers.

Register now and get your spot. SRI will be asking startups and developers a little about themselves so they can get connected for potential future opportunities.

This could also be a great opportunity to support a local business in your community by picking up a takeaway and wine/beer or soft drink for dinner (no problems if you’re joining in with a baby in hand either!).

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